What Is The Function Of Septic Tank In Uttarakhand?

Septic tank in Uttarakhand is an underground chamber made of concrete, fiberglass, or plastic through which domestic wastewater flows for basic treatment. Septic tank in Uttarakhand is a type of simple onsite sewage facility. In use, this tanks slowly fills, and all the materials which enter the tank are slowly “digested”. Ordinarily, a waxy layer builds up, over the surface of the material in the tank.


Septic tanks are relatively simpler in construction and operation and they carry out a lot of important functions through a complex interaction of physical and biological processes. The top important functions of the septic tank are:

To gather and receive all wastewater from the house and separate solids from the wastewater flow causing reduction and decomposition of accumulated solids provide storage for the separated solids (sludge and scum) pass the clarified wastewater (effluent) out to the drain field for final treatment and disposal.

As mentioned earlier, the main function of the septic tank is to remove solids from the wastewater and provide a clarified effluent for disposal to the drain field. The septic tank in Uttarakhand provides a relatively quiescent body of water where the wastewater is stored long enough to let the solids separate by both settling as well as flotation. This process is called primary treatment and it results in three products namely, scum, sludge, and effluent.

1. Scum: A scum layer is formed on the top. This scum layer consists of substances that are lighter than water (oil, grease, fats) and it floats on top of the water surface in the tank. Aerobic bacteria works at digesting floating solids.

2. Sludge: The sinkable slightly heavier solids like soil, grit, bones, unconsumed food particles, settle to the bottom of the tank and they form a sludge layer. A flat layer is formed along the tank bottom because the sludge is denser than water and fluid in nature. Underwater anaerobic bacteria consume organic materials in the sludge and gives off gases in the process and later when they die off, they become a part of the sludge.

3. Effluent: The clarified wastewater that is left over after the scum has floated to the top and the sludge has settled to the bottom is called Effluent. It is basically the clarified liquid between scum and sludge and it flows through the septic tank outlet into the drain field.

A septic tank in Uttarakhand provides an appropriate way to dispose sewage waste when there are no municipal sewage system connections available.

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