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R.B Concretes in association with Smart Enviro Systems offers automated state of the art solid waste composters. Smart enviro is one the established and renowned manufacturer of Solid Waste Management products in India
Smart Enviro Systems and its associate’s partner relentlessly work towards designing & developing some innovative solutions for the effective management of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW). The SMART XPRESS COMPOSTER is one such machine that offers modern & hassle free solution to our clients.

We deal in Smart Composter, Smart Curing System, Waste Shredders, Briquetting Machines, De-Watering Press, Road Sweepers & Garbage Compactors. Mechanical composter is the most efficient and effective mode of MSW disposal, carried out through a built in shredder and cylindrical container. Smart Xpress Composter has a churning system working simultaneously to crush and mix the waste matter so as to cut down on the volume and to achieve faster pre-decomposition. The composter is also equipped with heating arrangement which optimizes the performance of the micro organisms and accelerates the composting process. This compost can directly be used for the field application.

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Salient Features :

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