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R.B Concretes is the leading organizations providing readymade Septic Tanks. These septic tanks are one its kind and are most reliable, efficient and cost effective technology present till date. This specially designed septic tank can be used in absence of underground sewage line. Since it never requires cleaning, therefore the proposed technique can be implemented for residential colonies, apartments, colleges, hostels, industries and other working places. Researchers and scientists have always appreciated its working principle and recommended it on many occasions. In a nutshell, this application of science has proved its worth and it is continuously assisting technocrats and implementing agencies for Human Welfare.



The basic phenomenon of the system is that, when the fresh night soil gets discharged into septic tank, either it floats on water or settles down at the bottom of the tank. The water in between top and bottom is having very little solids and what-so-ever are there, they are in form of suspended particles. These particles are either going up due to entrapped gases or are going down due to the release of gases at the places where hydrostatic pressure and gas pressure in the particles is equal and get released. By the aforementioned phenomenon the particle gets broken into smaller particles and goes down. This process continues up till complete decomposition of the night soil, thereafter which solid less water flows out in second tank from where it flows out with the effluent water. The process of complete decomposition makes the effluent water relatively cleans with no solid materials.


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