How To Maintain Septic Tanks In Uttarakhand?

Firstly, what are septic tanks?

All the septic tanks in Uttarakhand are bio-reactors with bacteria reacting to materials added, aerobic and anaerobic work to reduce pathogens – in advanced or specially built systems a series of treatment phases are used to reduce nitrogen and to continuous treatment by using filter media, treatment chambers beyond first settling tank separation. Sand filters, peat filters, aeration, recirculation, retention aeriation, are or can be part of process to treat waste water before it is sent to soil area for trans-evaporation or percolation into soils.

Systems can break down many materials into liquid from semi-solid and also treat these as well as water itself carrying dissolved minerals and or bacteria. What they cannot do is reduce fats and oils from cooking, soap scum from fats used in making soap, solids like undigested food waste, other garbage from kitchen or household trash, wet wipes, disposable diapers, or other products not certified for septic disposal.

These systems treat the discharge water – but materials also settle into tank and need to be removed. A sludge is formed in bottom of tank and a scum is floating on top, both need periotic removal from system to maintain life of system (Pumping and cleaning).

Following are some of the Do’s and Don’ts of maintaining Septic Tanks:


1. Make sure to use toilet fresheners, mild detergents, fabric conditioners and washing powders and liquids in moderation without upsetting the natural balance of the septic tank.

2. Also, use bleach and disinfectants but please use them sparingly as they can kill friendly bacteria which make the septic tank work and use better septic aerator pumps.


1. DO NOT flush rags, disposable nappies, kitchen towels, sanitary items, cotton buds or condoms down the toilet. Please remember to bag it and bin it – don’t flush it.

2. DO NOT dispose of grease, oil, fat or chemical toilet liquid into drains leading to the septic tank. Please dispose of these in an environmentally-friendly way.

3. DO NOT wash paint brushes in the sink or put brush cleaning liquids into the drains leading to the septic tank. Please dispose-off these things in an environmentally-friendly way.

4. DO NOT connect rainwater drainage pipes, for example, from roofs or drains leading to the septic tank.

5. DO NOT dispose of waste liquids that are harmful to septic tanks into rainwater drains.

6. DO NOT enter a septic tank, dangerous gases are produced by the natural treatment process.

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