How Is Rainwater Harvesting In Uttarakhand Beneficial?

Following are the benefits of Rainwater harvesting in Uttarakhand as to why we must bring this practice to use at our own homes:

1. Very little of the total amount of water present on earth is suitable for human consumption. We being a resident of a country which is highly dependent on agriculture, it is important for us to take a step forward as rain is unpredictable and we can anytime experience shortage of water.

2. We need rainwater harvesting in Uttarakhand in order to stay safe from water borne diseases. Consumption of polluted water can lead to water borne diseases whereas through rainwater harvesting we consume clean and healthy water at the ease of our own homes.

3.  In specific areas which experience irregular rainfall, scarcity of water is a constant issue which cannot be completely resolved but the impact can surely be reduced through proper rainwater harvesting in Uttarakhand. It is ideal for regions that receive inconsistent rainfall all throughout the year.

4. Another important point that can be noted is that Rainwater harvesting in Uttarakhand is highly sustainable and can be stored for future usage.

5. It increases soil fertility as when rainwater is fed into the ground level wells and tube well are prevented from drying up. It also helps in preventing soil erosion and reduces the chance of flooding.

6. Rainwater harvesting in Uttarakhand makes optimum utilization of a resource that is free yet scarce.

7. Rainwater harvesting in Uttarakhand is not only good for the environment, but it is lighter on the pocket as well as it results in reduced water bills.

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