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Overview :

R.B Concretes is leader in providing services for NTS based STP; entitled “Constructed Wetland” is one of the most efficacious and efficient natural treatment technology. In the recent time, the Constructed Wetland projects are being proceeding at thousands of locations around the world, including India because of several benefits provided. It utilizes the nature’s potential to treat wastewater. The operation and maintenance (O&M) costs are almost negligible as compared to the conventional treatment systems. Further, the lower O&M costs as well as giving the good quality of treated effluent not only in terms of physical-chemically but also bacteriological.

Rain Water Harvesting

Advantages :

  •  Low cost with minimum possible mechanization
  •  Simple in Operation
  •  Suitable for Incremental improvement,Recycle and Reuse oriented
  •  Compatible quality of treated wastewater, Provide treated effluent of such quality that can be put to beneficial use
  •  Focus area for advocacy for regional, national and International bodies

Salient Benefits :

  •  Typically 1 to 1.5 square meters per KLD of wastewater treatment.
  •   Can be implemented in any kind of landscape.
  •   Can be used in landscaping.
  •  No smell, no chemical requirement.
  •   Compatible quality of treated wastewater.
  •  Effective in pathogen removal.
  •   Negligible O&M required as compared with conventional STPs, and recover its total cost in 4.2 years.

Operational Area :

We operates and provide services in Uttarakhand (Roorkee, Dehradun, Kashipur, Sitarganj, Rudrapur, Haldwani, Selaqui, Haridwar, Rishikesh etc.


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