Advantages of Rain Water Harvesting

With our natural resources becoming depleted, clean water now feels like a luxury commodity. Because of this, it is vital to shift to methods of sustainable living, where every home owner tries to conserve water. From replacing leaking taps to reusing wastewater, every small step is crucial. Rainwater harvesting is one of the most effective ways […]

Technique of Rain Water Harvesting

As the world faces an increasingly critical need to address climate change, the impact that water conservation has on a sustainable environment is undeniable. Groundwater is the primary source of freshwater that caters to the demand of ever-growing domestic, agrarian and industrial sectors of the country. Over the years, it has been observed that the […]

What is Rainwater Harvesting?

Rainwater Harvesting, also referred to as RWH, is a simple method of collecting rainwater and deploying the same for further usage. This is an increasingly important water conservation method in apartments and gated complexes. It is popular because it can result in significant savings and is easy to implement. Expert Water Conservation Tips This is […]

Water Conservation Tips

Did you know we use about 27% of water for bathing and toilet use. Here are 10 simple DIY tips that come in handy and if practiced diligently, can help conserve water. 1. Don’t waste the waste:Utilise RO waste water for other household purposes.Reuse grey water and reroute the runoff from your clothes washer and […]

Incentivize and implement Rain Water Harvesting

While rainwater harvesting can result in numerous benefits for consumers and the water sector overall (read our previous blog here), it’s not always clear how to effectively promote and increase the prevalence of this practice. RWH systems can be built relatively easily with local skills and resources, using simple and easy-to-maintain technologies that are inexpensive […]

Solid Waste Management is a concern of Urban India and How to deal with it

Solid waste management (SWM) has emerged as one of the most massive development challenges in urban India. Numerous studies indicate that the unsafe disposal of waste generates dangerous gases and leachates, due to microbial decomposition, climate conditions, refuse characteristics and land-filling operations. According to the 12th Schedule of the 74th Constitution Amendment Act of 1992, urban local […]

How Does Sewage Treatment Plant In Uttarakhand Work?

Sewage treatments under sewage treatment plant in Uttarakhand can be of two types. Those are as follows: 1. Anaerobic Sewage Treatment In Anaerobic Sewage treatment, the sewage is partially decomposed by the anaerobic bacteria in the tank without air which causes the organic matter to reduce to methane, carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide etc. This treatment […]

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