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 Mr. Ramesh Bhateja, Founder of R.B Concretes was recognized by Mr. Bindeshwari Pathak,Founder of Sulabh International.

 Appreciation by Management of “Science Express”, train used for showcasing & educating youth of India.

 Mr. Bhateja is recommended by CBRI(Central Building Research Institute),Roorkee.

 Recognized by IIT Roorkee & awarded Mr. Bhateja 1st Prize in Shrishti 2009.

 Appreciation by NIH(National Institute of Hydrology),Roorkee at various occasions.

 Mr. Bhateja as a founder of R.B Concretes was recommended by Forest Department,Uttarakhand.

 Mr. Ramesh Bhateja represented as a Advisor in Ganga Manthan, Central Government Meeting over Clean Ganga Mission.

 Mr. Bhateja received Special felicitation by Dalit Sahitya Academy.

 Recommended by Ganga Pollution Board,Uttarakhand.

 Mr. Bhateja was featured in Top news column of Yahoo.com.

 Mr. Ramesh Bhateja was selected & made his place in “Spirit of Uttarakhand” conducted By HT Media Group.

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